Strengthening Quality Performance: Binmaley Campus applies for AACCUP Program Accreditation

With an aim of maintaining high standards of performance and as a way of achieving the university’s vision of becoming the ASEAN Premier State University in 2025, the 3 departments of  Pangasinan State University Binmaley Campus (PSU BC)  applied and received certifications from the  Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) Program Accreditation.

The Criminology Department is headed by Dr. Romeo A. Caloza and Madam Saylee Honrado, College Dean and Chairperson respectively,  and the Environmental Science and Fisheries Department is spearheaded by the Chairperson  Dr. Sotero M. Aban and College Dean Dr. Rosie S. Abalos assured that these departments meet the standards set by AACCUP.


Last August, 16–20, 2021, the College of Criminal Justice Education (CCJE) underwent virtual accreditation via MS Teams. Using the Accreditation instrument and following the accreditation process, the area chairs presented the documents and answered all the queries as well as all information inquired by accreditors.  Mr. Jan Michael A. Fernandez, faculty extensionist of CCJE, invited the Barangay Captain of Buenlag, Binmaley to respond to an interview of the accreditor. Fortunately, the College of Criminal Justice Education Program was granted  Level II Re-accredited status.


Likewise, the Environmental Science Program was granted   Level II Re-accreditation status. The same accreditation process was successfully done along the 10 areas of concern. One of the major documents presented to the accreditors was the Program Performance Profile (PPP) resembling all the major component areas. Dr. Irene A. De Vera, the spokesperson for BSES Program, noted all the comments and suggestions of the accreditors.


Last June 13–15, 2022, the College of Fisheries which previously was granted Level III status,   applied for the highest accreditation level – the Level IV  Phase II  using the new accreditation instrument. The PPP of the program was lodged and area chairs underwent interviews with the accreditors for the veracity and authenticity of their documents which the BSF Program is now awaiting the result.


PSU Binmaley Campus continues to upgrade its programs thru various evaluations and assessments to gain quality standards, especially in the field of the academe and along the 4-functions of the university.  




Program Accreditation Status Date of Survey Validity
Bachelor of Science in Fisheries LEVEL IV Re-Accredited  June 13 – 15, 2022
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science LEVEL II Re-Accredited August 16, 2021 – August 20, 2021 September 1 , 2021 – August 31, 2025
Bachelor of Science in Criminology LEVEL II Re-Accredited August 16, 2021 – August 20, 2021 September 1 , 2021 – August 31, 2025




1st day of the AACUP accreditation

Saylee M. Honrado the program chairperson of the College of Criminal Justice Education taking notes from her accreditor on the 2nd day of the AACUP Accredication

Mr. Jan Michael A. Fernandez, In-charge for the College of Criminal Justice Education Extension activities with the Barangay Captain of Buenlag Binmaley, Pangasinan while being interviewed by the AACUP accreditor.

College of Criminal Justice Education faculties were present during the virtual AACUP accreditation with Mrs. Lorena Aquino for student services

Dr. Romeo A. Caloza, College Dean of the College of Criminal Justice Education showing some documents to his accreditor on the 2nd day of the AACUP Accreditation

College of Criminal Justice Education Area Chairs attending the virtual exit conference of the AACUP accreditation