Joey F. Ramos, Ed. D.
Chair, College of General and Teacher Education

Greetings from the College of General and Teacher Education!

It is my privilege to welcome the Qs Star accreditors and guests on behalf of all the faculty members and staff of the College of General and Teacher Education of Pangasinan State University, Binmaley Campus. 

It has been a revitalizing process that enabled our educational community which involves our administration, faculty & staff, students, parents, as well as stakeholders to collaborate and suggest ways to sustain the positive aspects of our goals and objectives toward our continuous-improvement journey. With this, we have painstakingly spent most of our time looking at what we can do, and how we do it better, despite the challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We do believe that this accreditation aims to promote excellence and confirm internal quality and curricular systems to ensure that our campus will give the best educational experience to our students. 

Truly, we appreciate your valuable time and effort to assist us in continuously attaining quality education. 

Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Science

The BSEd Science is an undergraduate teacher education program designed to equip teachers with adequate and relevant competencies to teach Science at the secondary level.


To assure excellence and professionalism among teachers and students at all levels of the education system.


To provide opportunities for the individual development of able people. To add to existing knowledge through research and creative activity, and to serve the public interest.

Employment Opportunities

  • Public and Private School Teacher
  • Research Assistant
  • Community Education Officer
  • Education Administrator
  • Social Worker
  • Academic Librarian

Program Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate through institutional mechanisms, systems, policies, and processes which are reflective of transparency, equity, participatory decision making, and accountability.
  2. Engage in relevant, comprehensive, and sustainable development initiatives through multiple perspectives in decisions and actions that build personal and professional credibility and integrity.
  1. Set challenging goals and tasks with determination and sense of urgency which provide continuous improvement and produce quality outputs leading to inclusive growth.
  1. Exhibit lifelong learning and global competency proficiency in communication skills, inter/interpersonal skills, entrepreneurial skills, innovative mindset, research and production initiatives and capability in meeting the industry requirements of local, ASEAN and international human capital market through relevant and comprehensive programs.
  1. Display, socially and environmentally responsive organizational culture, which ensures higher productivity among the university constituents and elevate the welfare of the multi-sectoral communities.
  1. Practice spiritual values and morally upright behavior which promote and inspire greater harmony to project a credible public image.